Frieze LA 2023: Camila Falquez and Moya Garrison-Msingwana

February 16th - 19th


Hannah Traore Gallery is pleased to announce a dual-artist presentation featuring photographer Camila Falquez and painter Moya Garrison-Msingwana for Frieze Los Angeles, 2023.

In every era—from ancient Egyptian sculpture to Édouard Manet’s paintings and beyond—drapery has had an enduring presence in art history. Hannah Traore Gallery’s booth will spotlight Falquez and Garrison-Msingwana’s respective approaches to incorporating this iconography; challenging antiquated understandings of the motif by reimagining whom drapery is for and what concepts it embodies.

Through Falquez’s vibrant portraits, trans folks, activists and other “divine beings” are placed at the center of ideas of power, beauty and regalness. The subjects in her photographs are self-empowered, encouraging viewers to celebrate the beauty of diversity and identity. To Falquez, there are no barriers to who is considered mighty, proposing: “What if beauty and power can exist on pedestals that we have never seen before?”

For Garrison-Msingwana, “Fashion amplifies or changes the architecture of the human body,” posing clothing as an expression and extension of personality. In his work, Garrison-Msingwana paints drapery that transforms into anthropomorphic characters he refers to as PILES—supernatural figures constructed from garments. Creating a universe where clothes possess minor sentience and adopt an identity suitable for their human frame, his paintings layer references to pop culture, art history, and identity.

Hannah Traore Gallery’s presentation will be on view at Focus: a section of the fair supporting galleries and artists with missions that push the standard forward, challenging traditional modes of image making.


Camila Falquez is a New York-based photographer of Colombian heritage. She was born in Mexico City and grew up in Spain. Falquez’s photographs harness the traditions of fashion and portrait photography and honor the contemporary spectrum of social and gender diversity. Channeling the conventions of surrealism and a strong color palette, Falquez elevates and empowers her subjects. Her images have been published in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, El País, WSJ, and Vogue, among others. She has collaborated with brands such as Clinique, Hermes and Nike

Moya Garrison-Msingwana is a Toronto-born and based artist and illustrator. His work explores themes rooted in fashion, pop culture, the absurd and the supernatural world, telling stories through images that subvert everything from playful interactions to social issues.

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