Our Neighborhood: Seen Through The Eyes of The Anna Silver School, The Benjamin Altman School & The Island School

Lyla Hernandez, PreK

March 2nd - April 29th

Hannah Traore Gallery is pleased to present Our Neighborhood: Seen Through The Eyes of The Anna Silver School, The Benjamin Altman School and The Island School. The exhibition, a presentation of artwork from local students, is a collaboration between the gallery and three public schools in the surrounding Lower East Side community. These schools are leaders in their remarkable commitment to ensure art education is available to all of their students; this presentation is a celebration of their dedication to the children of our community who make extraordinary art when given time and space to engage their imagination. 


Each school was invited to prompt their students to make art about their neighborhood, encouraging kids to see their community as a place where they can express themselves, be involved, and expand their exposure to the arts. Nurturing their innate creativity, the exhibition offers an intimate mosaic of work from students ranging from pre-K to the fifth grade. Photographs of friends framed with multi-colored marker borders, swirling crayon illustrations with handwritten affirmations, collages of paper cut-outs arranged into cityscapes, these works embody the invention and freedom that kids cultivate when they are able to participate in arts programming—an opportunity teachers fight to preserve in a country where budget cuts stifle public schools’ art-education funding. 


All proceeds from sales will be matched by the gallery and returned to each school as a charitable donation to ensure continued art access for New York City students. The gallery is dedicated to preserving and strengthening creative initiatives in our local community, activating our space to provide lasting resources for arts education in the Lower East Side. This exhibition marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship between The Anna Silver School, The Benjamin Altman School, The Island School and Hannah Traore Gallery, striving to develop meaningful connections in their neighborhood. 


About The Anna Silver School
PS 20 Anna Silver Elementary is a Pre K-5th elementary school located in the Lower East Side in District 1. It is an un-zoned school and is one of only a handful of schools offering dual-language programs in both Mandarin and Spanish. They have a strongly diverse community of families that reflect the social, economic, and cultural diversity that is NY. They are currently a Title I school.

About The Benjamin Altman School
The Benjamin Altman School believes in a child-centered learning environment in which their children can develop as literate thinkers. They use literature and authentic learning experiences to develop literacy and ability in all content areas. They provide rigorous opportunities that help children meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Their children’s languages, experiences and cultures are valued, and utilized to foster self-esteem and to develop new skills and concepts.

About The Island School
Led by Principal Suany Ramos, The Island School, PS/MS 188, serves over 450 PreK-Grade 8 students (97% Title I Eligible). Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a restored hundred-plus year-old building, they are nestled between the Lillian Wald and Baruch public housing complexes and across the street from The Urban Family Center, a temporary housing facility.

Taylah Brown
Marilyn Hanley
4th Grade
Lucy Zenglin
4th Grade
Bryce Reyes
5th Grade
Estelle Moore
Jorge "Santi" Changoluisa Guana
4th Grade
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