Hannah Traore

Born and raised in Toronto, Hannah Traore developed an affinity for art and an appreciation for diverse  perspectives from a young age. Her mother, an art collector and fiber artist, infused art into every part of  her life while her father, a Malian immigrant, immersed her in his culture, which introduced her to issues of representation in the art world  and beyond. 

After obtaining a BA in Art History from Skidmore College, Traore became the Painting and  Sculpture Curatorial Intern at the Museum of Modern Art and later served as Project Manager to Isolde  Brielmaier – current Deputy Director of the New Museum, NYU Professor and Independent Curator.  Through an exploration of her eclectic heritage – Canadian, West African, Jewish and Muslim – she has gained  an appreciation for what makes every person unique. Hannah Traore Gallery aims to celebrate the things  that make each of us extraordinary.