Justin Yoon, "Original Cast Recording," 2021
Arielle Bobb-Willis
Adébayo Bolaji 
Jeffrey Cheung
Camila Falquez
Misha Japanwala
Melissa Joseph
Dan Lam
Murjoni Merriweather
Wendy Red Star
Patricia Renee' Thomas
Didi Rojas
Muzae Sesay
Justin Yoon

January 20th- April 9th 2022



col·or: “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light”


col·or: “pigmentation of the skin, especially as an indication of someone’s race.”


Hannah Traore Gallery is thrilled to announce the gallery’s inaugural exhibition: Hues, a group show addressing the poetics of color. Featuring works that exude an immediate vibrancy, in a variety of mediums, the exhibition invites gallery visitors to consider how they themselves find meaning through color. Hues demonstrates the gallery’s interest in centering attention on the formal totality of the artworks and practices in question, rather than reductively centering it on artists’ identities, which can sometimes limit viewers’ interpretations. By focusing on the formal poetics of color, Hues was envisioned to help viewers imagine a reality beyond the burden of representation that can constrain so many artists these days. Of course, one’s identity is inherent to one’s work and is something to be celebrated, but by honing in on color in the chromatic sense, collectively the work is able to breathe, to find respite and to claim its footing free of ideological constriction.


Hues is a nod to the Hannah Traore Gallery’s awareness and interest in the ways in which works by artists of color are often reduced to their capacity to speak to issues of identity and, more specifically, race. In this sense, Hues functions as a love note to the featured artists and all who visit as a testament to our desire to push the boundaries of how work by artists of color is felt, engaged with, and interpreted.


-Text written by Camille Bacon

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