Mi Casa Su Casa

Youness Miloudi, "Silhouetted Women During the Morning of Muharram," 2018
Abdelghafour Benbadryef
Salah Bouade
Nour Eddine Tilsaghani
Hasnae El Ouarga
Hassan Hajjaj
Hosein Jaddad
Youness Miloudi
Nabil Nadifi
Rachid Ouettassi
Amine Oulmakki
Madiha Sebbani
Yassine Sellame
Meriem Yin
Ismail Zaidy

Curated by Hassan Hajjaj
and Meriem Yin

January 20th- April 16th 2022


Expanding on my Le Salon, I have included Moroccan Artists who inspire me, to feature in my Mi Casa Su Casa installation. Aiming to depict my home as an artist, showing how I love and work. Welcome home.

-Hassan Hajjaj

Plastic Hand
Meriem Yin
Passage 1
Nour Eddin Tilsaghani
Face to Face, Self Portrait
Hasnae El Ouarga
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